Warranteer launch @ India


27 Jan Warranteer launch @ India

Warranteer, the comprehensive eWarranty solution, announced their launch in the India, after being operational in emerging markets like Middle east, South Africa, US and Singapore. Warranteer provides the only enabling solution allowing manufacturers to fully digitize the warranty process.

India Today:

“The app will unlock the power of mobile and digital to establish a direct communication platform between brands and consumers, from which both can derive benefits…..  After the purchase, the manufacturer disappears from the equation, only reappearing when theres a problem. With Warranteer, we want to transform that entire interaction, unlocking the full power of mobile and digital to create a communication channel between brands and consumers that helps both get more out of the relationship”


Yahoo news:

“Warranteer turns the warranteer eco-system into a win-win relationship between consumers and brands…..t is an end to end solution to connect brand, manufacturers to end customers. When a customer buys a new product so instead of filling warranty card, keep the invoice etc, he simply needs to scan the barcode of the product from his phone and that’s it. We will send this information to the brand, so both the users and the brand owners have the information”.


IBN Live:

“The Indian market for devices carrying warranties is exploding with the meteoric rise in sales through e-commerce and Omni channel retail. Warranteer as a platform will help create a direct line of sight for the brands to consumers and empower the engagement between them, leading to consumer delight


Financial Chronicle:

“With our solution brands can add value to their products…. India is a hugh market and has huge potential as people understand the need for warranty of the product they buy….“


Networked India:

“The app can store warranty details of products and then directly establish contact between consumers and companies. It can be used by scanning the serial numbers of phones, and invoice details.”