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Consumer revolution is here.

The last decade taught us that the digital transformation pace is only getting faster, the consumers getting smarter, and the quality of products and services doesn’t measured as they used to.

For the new consumer, a good product starts from a proper value for money, with a great service from the purchase through the after sale support. all of these combined to an whole experience that’s worth more than the simple sum of its parts.

This evolution led to consumer revolution which made brands eventually understood that good connection with their consumers is essential, and the ones that embraced this relationship with their audience and build a community was manage the leverage that to a business success which is great for both sides.

That being said, there are few fields which didn’t catch up the speed yet, maintaining old methods from ancient times.

We at Warranteer believes that it’s about time to make the next leap and close the digital transformation gap that still remains and strength the link between the brand and the consumer from the first kiss, and make this connection as a long lasting relationship starting from the warranty activation as a gateway through a complete consumer experience of support and after sale service.

Today’s consumer seek a safe, reliable and easy way to maintain this connection and we believe in doing that from the start, and allowing our users to activate and access their warranty information as a gateway for better service.

Improve Customer Service

Warranty activation
Warranty activation

Simplify the warranty activation process for your consumers and make sure they’re properly covered at all times.


Establish a direct communication channel to your customers through our management platform.

After sale services
After sale services

Increase after sale services such as warranty extensions, complementary goods and special offers.


Provide top of the notch in-app support such as manuals, video tutorials, 1-click service calls and more.

Omni-channel Activation

Connect to your consumers via multiple touchpoints. Allowing your consumers to activate their product warranties on various platforms while keeping an omni-channel customer experience

Quick Setup

You can set up Warranteer as soon as today thanks to it’s quick integration and compatibility with most CRM/ERP systems.


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Want to know more?

Each warranteer user holds a massive opportunity for a stronger connection with your brand. Warranteer Certified Partners program is your gateway for a fully automated eWarranty future. Contact us to learn more.