It’s all about the service


27 Jan It’s all about the service

Let’s conduct  an experiment, a short one!

Ask any random person what he or she cares about while purchasing a new products. Then ask them to ponder if that was a rational purchase behaviour.

Is there a difference in what they should have considered vis-a-vis what she actually considered?

In most cases you’ll note that warranty took the back seat..!

Most people would be incredibly price conscious, many would be features conscious and yet many would prefer ease of purchase and other many such criteria. Interesting insight, Isn’t it? A brand is a promise, a promise of quality, longevity and performance, backed by Warranties. Yet Warranties are the last thing a consumer looks at while making a rational Purchase decision.

Interestingly, many companies are also missing the point. They have mechanical service departments whose operations are largely SOP based, to the point of being incredulous and not in the positive sense. Bottom line is that Consumer experience suffers. And once the promise is dented – repeat purchase possibilities are remote.

Apple understands Consumer experience better than anyone else and perhaps earlier than anyone else too.  By creating a strong and holistic brand value which touches every consumer’s sweet point. Apple created a new equation which shows that while good product specifications are a must, it doesn’t have to be the best in everything. Perhaps the best in creating amazing experience starting from the user interface going through the purchase experience and goes up to the service and support and leaves the others miles behind. And that draws consumers to Apple like a magnet.

Apple and other companies that realy understands the consumer need holds enormous amount of active loyalists and very few passive ones. now which right minded company wouldn’t want to emulate that?

This is where Warranteer comes in.

Warranteer comprehensive solution unlocks the eWarranty secret and enables brands and manufacturers to enhance and upgrade their after sales experience. By taking the hassle out from the service and support from both sides, Warranteer creates a win-win eco-system for consumers and brands, built on technology, trust, transparency and security.

Warranteer users enjoys a one stop shop warranty wallet that allows easy access to save their warranty documents, reach the most updated user manuals, see relevant video tutorials, find the nearest service center and navigate or call from the mobile App by one click, claim their warranty and ease the identification phase when speaking with the service representatives.

By doing that, Warranteer enable Brands to reduce service representative time, avoid technicians support time on about common question and avoiding false technician alerts due to wrong usage etc. All of these reduces costs, increases profitability and will eventually will benefit consumers which will get better service, seamless warranty claims which drives satisfied customers and loyal fans.

Now imagine a world that all of this happens! Company Consumer engagement at it’s best!

It is Warranteer’s responsibility to make it happen and expand to every product that really matters, such that Companies go back to doing what they excel at- making incredible products and the Consumers go back to enjoying these products!