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I have problem or a suggestion. How do I contact you?

That’s great! We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us here or alternatively you can always send us feedback via the app.

I’m using a new phone, How do I access my product warranties?

If you lost your phone or just got a new one, you can simply download the app and login using your Warranteer account. The products will be updated to the new phone.

How much does Warranteer cost?

It’s FREE! and it always will be. We don’t charge you anything for any of our services.​

How many products can I save with Warranteer?

You can save as many products as you wish.

How long does it take for my product warranty to be validated?

Product validation usually takes up to 48 hours.

What happens if I don’t know who my warranty provider is?

No problem! The warranteer system might be able to recognize your product and complete this information for you. Otherwise, just enter the product’s brand and the manufacturer will be able to provide you with the information when you need it.

Can I activate a warranty via phone call?

No. Why waste time on service lines if there’s an app that will do it for you? Simply download the Warranteer app and activate your warranty in three easy steps.

Why should I use the Warranteer app?

The Warranteer app gives you an easy and hassle free access to all the services and support you need in one place.  Once you’ve saved a products warranty using Warranteer, it will be validated and securely saved to the cloud, gaining you access to a variety of support shortcuts and smart alerts.

How do I find my warranty provider and how do I contact them to claim my warranty?

Warranteer’s database offers you a variety of possible warranty providers to chose from once you’ve scanned your product’s bar-code. If you’re not sure which one is correct or their name doesn’t appear, simply enter the product’s brand name and the manufacturer will be able to provide you with the information in case you need it. Alternatively, feel free to contact us here and let us know.

Which product warranties can I activate using the Warranteer app?

Any product type, category and brand you want! If your product’s brand is one of our partners you’ll gain access to many useful services and support shortcuts such as manuals, 1-click service calls and direct navigation to service centers. If your product’s manufacturer ​isn’t one of our partners, we will validate all your warranty information and notify them that you’ve saved the information using our app.

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