Ensuring consumer rights in Digital India:  Time to look at eWarranty

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04 Feb Ensuring consumer rights in Digital India:  Time to look at eWarranty

It was exiting to participate as part of the innovation initiative by the Indian Government in promoting Digital India!

We are extremely enthusiastic about our role as thought leaders in the e-Warranty legislation discussion, which when enacted will lead to a healthier relationship between the Consumers and Companies.

The event was great and we’re looking forward to an even greater digital future!

Participants :

  • Mr Zakir Hussein, the Director IT, Consumer Affairs, Govt of India;
  • Mr Ashim Sanyal, Chief operating officer of Consumer Voice
  • Mr Anurag Batra, Editor in chief of Business World in exchange for media group
  • Mr Vijay Sardana, Leader for retailing ASSOCHAM.
  • Mr Satyajit Gupta, Advocate and principal corporate for Advaita Legal.
  • Mr Avishay Pariz, Founder and global CEO of Warranteer
  • Mr Rohit Govil, Associate director, PriceWaterhouseCoppers
  • Mr Saurabh Rai, CEO of Surplus.in


Sumit Lal:

What is a brand? A brand is a promise. It’s a promise of quality, longevity and performance.    And to back this promise, we have warranties. Without warranties, the promise does not exist.

Mr. Batra: 

We will not realise that we are part of something historic, and you know how many hours housewives spend on trying to haggle about price,  I have seen my mother doing it, my wife doing it. So, consumers today have a chance to get another protection or another incentive to be able to purchase things away.

Mr Zakir Hussein

“But so far as it concerns the customer protection, consumer protection bill was passed in the Lok Sabha last year in 2015. Now, the discussion is going on in the team and in the bill, we have made the provision that consumers who are affected by online business then our consumer courts are already there and you may contact the consumer courts. Now, once our quotes are finalized, I will go through the e-warranty and see how we can make it more effective for e-consumers..”

Avishay Pariz:

“You can bring brands somethings which will help them grow the revenue and reduce their costs. and the end-user after-sale service information –  can be a win-win situation for both sides”.

Mr Vijay Sardana

“As you see in the business world, we always say consumer or customer is king. It’s a well-known fact. But at the same time you see, you need a customer protection act. So king needs protection… In business world if you have a trust on the company or product, you will exist. So, any good manufacturer today, let me talk of brand loyalty, brand building, whatever we do, we try to work on the trust aspect. It’s a fundamental thing.  And that’s why we are saying lets create a win-win situation. Win-win in that you trust me and I will continue to offer a good product, you will continue to buy. I will make money and you will continue to get a good product and service. So, it’s a win-win situation, provided I trust you!”

Mr Saurabh Rai:

“Protection is required at both the ends, with all the three ends- the retailer, the brand as well as the customer. The issue is that of trust. If a brand is able to build trust, be it a retailer, be it an end-brand or be it anybody, it’s a matter of trust. Customer will go and buy until that trust is broken. It is a totally unorganised sector. It needs to be organised, it needs to be bought to the main stream of the warranties whether through what’s happening in Indian business with e-chains coming in “