Consumer trust. Advocacy. Loyalty. This trinity is the holy grail of business.


01 Sep Consumer trust. Advocacy. Loyalty. This trinity is the holy grail of business.

How do you achieve them?


By now you’ve probably found where you fit in the market. You’re already building great products that your end users love. You have the hard parts figured out, so now it’s time to make some simple changes to help build your brand into the one that consumers trust most.


As it stands today, nearly 97 percent of warranties go unregistered. The warranty process hasn’t changed in years. It’s an eternal pain point and one that your end users have likely dealt with far too many times. For your business, it means the loss of the most direct, influential way that you’re able to connect to your customers.

Meet Warranteer. We can help.

At Warranteer, we know that building trust is one of the hardest things that a brand can do, so we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to connect with your customers on one of the points that matters most – the warranty. The impact that Warranteer can make for you? Mind blowing.

As a mobile application, Warranteer is on the forefront of consumer protection. Our ratings speak for themselves. Tens of thousands of users and hundreds of glowing reviews talk about how Warranteer makes consumers feel more secure in their purchase decision.

We want to bring these users to you with Warranteer Certified Partners Program. With our Certified Partners Program you’ll finally be able to bridge that gap between the customer’s purchase and a life-long relationship of trust and loyalty with your company.

We’ve worked hard to build a robust, feature-rich platform for companies that want to truly connect with their customers. Your approved application to be a Warranteer Certified Partner opens a world of customer success features such as:

  • Simplified activation process for consumers.
  • Direct communication channels to your customers through our management platform.
  • Increased warranty extension conversions.
  • In-app support for manuals, video tutorials, 1-click service calls and more.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with numerous, select companies to make certain that the platform was polished and refined. Quite frankly, the results have been shocking even to us:

  • 40% activation rate via the mobile application.
  • 92% of Warranteer users upload their proof of purchase.
  • 10% reduction in service calls.
  • 8% increase to extended warranty purchases.

And we have done it all with zero increase to the number of warranty claims filed.

Warranteer is the bridge that you’ve been missing between your product and an incredible customer experience. With one simple activation, Warranteer builds happy customers, increases bottom-line profit and gives you a direct line of communication that your customers will actually want to use.

We’ve laid the path, but the next move is yours. Let us help you create the customer experience that you (and your buyers) have always wanted.