Are self-service apps replacing the old fashion service centers?

PhoneCall Vs App

01 Feb Are self-service apps replacing the old fashion service centers?

@ Warranteer we understand that the new consumer’s generation demand smarter and faster solutions for day to day technical problems.

Recent research conducted by Alcatel-Lucent of smartphone users’ interactions with service providers reveals growing popularity of self-help customer service tools.
5,500 smartphone users in Brazil, Japan, UK and US were surveyed about customer service interaction with communications service providers and this is what they’ve found:

  • More than a quarter of Japanese, UK and US consumers prefer not to call helpdesks.
  • Almost half of Brazilians are more likely to ignore a problem or allow it to persist to avoid contacting a helpdesk.
  • While customer service helpdesks remain the primary channel for resolving services issues, it is not the only channel and consumers are showing a growing interest in self-service tools.
  • Japanese consumers are most willing to use self-help tools such as apps, with up to half of UK consumers and as many as 42% of those in the US willing to sort out their own issues. In Brazil, 53-59% did report a willingness to use self-service tools, depending on the service.
  • The functions consumers most want to see in service providers’ apps include billing information, troubleshooting capabilities, usage tracking and security alerts.

Well, It‘s happening! Self-service applications are a great alternative for brands and manufacturers to have closer contact with their customers, and at the same time to reduce costs which associates with traditional customer service call centers.
An example of living success for that need and fitting solution is the banking industry.
Today consumers prefer to avoid the time and effort involved in reaching to the branches and physically interacts with bank employees.

Many of the survey participants indicated they would prefer to download an app of their telecommunications service provider, and it will help them fix technical issues on their own, then to call for technical support (among wireless customers in Japan = 45%; US = 44%; UK = 51%; Brazil = 59 %). There is a great thirst approach “do it yourself” solving problems among media consumers in markets where the survey was conducted.

Smart consumers demand smart solutions!
The time has come to serve the growing desire of customers and that they will provide the option of self-service application using powerful, efficient, and easy to use.